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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 16, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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out of the north and northeast. yes, we still have the clouds but the moisture trying to depart, just a few sprinkles left over in northern virginia and in delaware but we should be dry today as we break the clouds, afternoon sun and a breezy one, high temperature around 60 degrees. that's good stuff. at 6:00. let's check the roads with kim. >> fortunately we don't really have much to let you know about as traffic looks really good so far. no real problems, no accidents either. delays are very minimal as we have building value in some areas. as we peek at the cameras as you make your way downtown, really, from the bromo tower, not too bad. as we check drive times, they are also good as well, 95 southbound from the beltway down towards the 895 split, only three minutes still even as volume starts to pick up a little. from the 895 split to the fort mchenry toll plaza, still five minutes. outer loop from the key bridge approaching 97, that's nine minutes. back to you. charges in the case of that
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2-month-old boy found buried in a baltimore city park. police say the mother is responsible for his murder. abc2 news linda so is here with the details. >> reporter: the mother's name is lakesha haynie, she's 28 years old and faces a number of charges including first degree murder. perhaps the most disturbing part, the mother is no stranger to social services. detectives questioned both the mother and father last night. the autopsy reveals 2-month-old raj haynie suffered blunt force trauma to the head. police were led to druid hill park. the father told police his son had been buried there by the mother last month. police are still looking into whether the father will be charged. >> oh, lord. you just think about your own kids and i can't even imagine doing anything like that. it's real sad. i'm speechless, really. >> reporter: there's no word yet on a motive for murdering the 2-month-old but police say
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social services has had to take four children from the mother in the past. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. city police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting in north baltimore. a man was found shot several times in his car at the intersection of howard and 25th streets. this gunfire broke out just outside of the anderson automotive 7:00 last night. police say it appears to have been a drive-by shooting. right now no suspects though investigators are speaking with people who may have seen something. should be business at usual at city hall this morning but employees had a scare there yesterday after a letter filled with white powder was found. everyone was allowed back in a short time later after the powder was deemed harmless. five letters in all were discovered at both city hall and mitchell courthouse. one letter was found at the courthouse on friday. officials are not releasing the details of what was written in the letters or the nature of the threats that were made. police and u.s. postal services
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are egg investigate -- investigating this. the letters arrived by priority mail. the census could arrive in your mailbox soon. officials stress it's important you fill it out and return it. it's to be used to dole out congressional aid to all states. we now have a warning for you. >> we're not doing it on-line this decade. and it means that if you get an e-mail or some request somehow that asks to you go to some web site to fill out your census form that's not us. that's a scam. don't do it. >> the census forms have 10 questions. failing to fill it out will lead to a census worker new -- knocking on your door. by the way, it costs taxpayers $57 for each household visited. meanwhile, if you have not received it yet you can see what the census form looks like by logging on to
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6:03. confirmation this morning of what many had expected. the closing of baltimore's cardinal gibbons high school is final. the archdiocese of baltimore met with school alumni last night. a person with the group cardinal gibbons community tells abc2 they are disappointed by the decisions made and that the process that led to it. we've heard it before, democrats are close to passing a health care bill. what's different now? well, here's abc2 news sherrie johnson with more on the obama administration trying to put a face on health care. >> reporter: good morning. natoma canfield is a breast cancer survivor from ohio who wrote the president and told him she had to drop her health coverage when her insurance rates raised 40%. we told you about this last friday on "good morning maryland" and how she ended up at the hospital after her insurance premium was more than $700. test after expensive test and doctors are still working to figure out what exactly happened. she's worried it may be
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leukemiaened a the bills -- leukemia and the bills are still piling up. president obama spoke about this in his campaign in ohio yesterday. he was also there to convince a liberal ohio congressman who says the current bill doesn't go far enough to vote yes on the bill. but the president focused on canfield and her battle. >> the reason she's not here today is she's lying in a hospital bed suddenly faced with this emergency, sudsly faced with the fight of her life. >> coming up at 6:45, we'll tell you about the outside pressure the obama administration is facing on the abortion issue that is coming from within his own party. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. president barack obama could appoint the next supreme court justice for the neck few years. 89-year-old justice john paul stevens says he will decide in the next month or so whether this term will be his last. he says he will definitely retire in the next three years. he's the second oldest justice
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in u.s. history and fourth longest serving. republican president gerald ford nominated stevens to court in 1975. stevens, by the way, turns 90 in april. all the heavy rain over the past several days means big business for some restoration companies and overwhelmed. experts say the ground was so saturated from the melting snow and the heavy rain had no place to go except our basements. homeowners tried to dry it out themselves but time is critical to avoid permanent damage. >> often it becomes a very difficult doctor after that it becomes a very difficult task. there's deterioration under the corporate. -- carpet. >> many local companies are so busy they say they are unable to respond to the new calls they are getting and won't be able to get to some homes for several days. 6:06. at least it's something we
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definitely want to hear. that means a chance to dry out. we have temperatures this morning that are chilly. we've got a cool wind, we still have the clouds but all will change today. 44, cloudy skies, north/northeast wind at 15 miles per hour. so, a blustery start to this tuesday but that barometer on the rise at 29.93. high pressure building in, the clouds will break this afternoon and you will see the sun. and wait until you see the temperatures coming up by this weekend. more on the forecast in a bit. right now let's look at the roads. >> traffic off to a fantastic start. no problems, no incidents, no delays. we have minor congestion on the outer loop between liberty road towards the baltimore national pike. when we come back i'll let you know how long it will take to get from i-70 to i-95. back to you. 6:07. clipping coupons can save you some money at the grocery store but much like everything else, they are now going high-tech and the only way to get the
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savings is by including your friends. stuffing your bra, some of you have done it but how one woman managed to fit a lot into hers. we'll tell you about that. and john edwards, his mistress, the racy new photos and what she's saying about her relationship with the former presidential candidate. do you know what's in your spread ?
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coupons are more fun when you share them with friends. that's the premise behind new web sites that combine deep discounts with the fun of social networking. corrine shows you how to take advantage of the group coupons, no scissors required. >> reporter: the new clip. the simple coupon is getting more social as a new crop of web sites aimed to save you money harnessing the power of social networking to do it. >> when you see the deal, in order to get it you have to share it with your friends on facebook, your friends on twitter, forward it to people via e-mail. >> reporter: chicago-based groupon offers organized daily deals with a twist.
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a certain number of people need to sign up for the discount or nobody gets it, encouraging consumers to share with friends. >> it gives the merchant what they want, a huge number of new customers and of course the customer gets what they want, a great price on something cool to do. >> reporter: washington, dc-based living social works on a similar premise. a limited daily time discount in each market. >> could be a restaurant, spa, theater tickets, something wacky like, you know, trapeze school, or something along those lines. >> reporter: and like groupon, living social has expanded its roster of cities, filled by the recent recession and demand for deals letting more consumers share the wealth. >> people are trying to figure out ways to save money, without giving up the things in their life that have been important to them. >> reporter: for "consumer watch," i'm karen kafa. 6:12 now. justin berk has some fantastic news, it's going to make you smile.
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that's an introduction that leads itself to so many opportunities. i could say three more feet of snow and some of you would be happy with that. >> no. >> not in the studio. check this out. we'll do a 12-hour time lapse. yesterday, a manic monday if you will. i'm hearing the bang in the back of my head♪ wish it was sunday, that's my fun day♪ i'm stop. we had a cloudy day, periodic showers, stuck in the 40s. look, 42 this morning in north baltimore. the winds out of the northeast, still 3, 5 miles per hour. occasionally gusting to 15. good news is we have not had rainfall in the bucket so far today. officially 45 at bwi marshall. we're in the low to mid-40s across the area. 43 york, pennsylvania. down towards salisbury. in fact just about everyone in
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the 40s. oakland now at the freezing mark. we'll look at temperatures that will be jumping and jumping over the next couple of days as we get this storm system to depart. a couple of things to look at, besides the showers that we have had to deal with over the last couple of days including yesterday evening. sole storm system departing off the edge of the screen. that circulation gave us the periods of heavy rain yesterday. still providing us with the cool north-to-northeasterly wind but the cloud line is sitting in through central sections of pennsylvania and it itself will continue to slide down from north to south. that is where we're getting the clearing. that is probably why the hereford zone in southern pennsylvania will see the sun before we get to see it in baltimore. remember that view we had from the maryland science center? that time lapse? well, looking northbound we'll see a blue sky build in and gradually let the sun seep through as we head into the afternoon. check the forecast model. watch the clouds quickly
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depart. we're expecting to have clear skies which means cool evenings and overnights. but nice warm afternoons and each afternoon should get just a little bit warmer as we dry out the soil and head on in towards the weekend. for today, again, looking for morning clouds to break, to give us sun and that blue sky in the afternoon, from north-to-south. aiming for an optimistic 60 degrees. yes, it will still be breezy but definitely a major improvement compared to what we've had since the end of last week. for tonight, clear skies, chilly air mass, winds still out of the north, allows us to slip back to 35 downtown which means we could have near freezing temperatures or subfreezing temperatures outside the beltway and up towards southern pa. heading in through tomorrow, here's the improvement, a mostly sunny sky and temperatures should be in the mid-50s this time of year, but this time we're actually going to get up to 63 degrees. breezy, warmer, yes, we've adjusted this forecast. it does appear as if we will actually wind up with the warmer stretch here.
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check out this stretch. thursday, friday, temperatures 67 with sunshine. and how about pushing -- you know what? i'm not even going to say it. i think i'm going to bequeath that honor to my buddy there doing traffic. before we toss to traffic to talk about that other stuff at the end of the weekend let's let kim brown tell you how warm it's going to be on saturday. >> well, justin, according to your 7-day forecast it's going to reach 70 glorious degrees this weekend! so, yes, justin berk is the man for this awesome weekend forecast. traffic is also looking awesome. we have all lanes open everywhere, not much to let you know about, just building volume in some of the usual trouble spots. as we peek at the cameras looking at the jfx, it's moving very good in both directions here at cold spring lane. as we peek also at the travel times, they are up just a little bit. that is just because that volume is beginning to pick up slightly also. 895 southbound from the split down to 129295to 295, eight
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minutes. we only have one crash in the area, in carroll county, west liberty road and wood line road. a-- woodbine road. aside from that, looking good. back to you. if justin's 70 degrees didn't give you enough reason to smile how about the birthdays? happy birthday to all of you. if you're having a birthday and want a mention on the air,
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that's the address you send it to, give us the details and we will mention it here on the air. we're trying to help you get back to work on "good morning maryland." with a whole new way to market yourself. starting today, we want to you send us your resumes. if you're trying to get a job. here's the e-mail address -- each week we'll contact three people to come into our studios, you tape a 20-second video pitch as to why you should be considered for the job. then this will allow potential employers to not only read your resume but also to get a chance to see you. viewers will be able to log on to our web site each week and see what resumes are out there. we'll randomly select three of the best and give you the opportunity to vote on-line. you probably forgot things at restaurants before. but what these parents left behind is worth more than gloves or a hat. plus, that will teach you to rubberneck. what happened to this man when
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he couldn't take his eyes off an accident? first, let's look at business news before we head to break. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with the federal reserve's latest ruling on interest rates. the fed is expected to keep rates locked at record low levels at today's meeting. the big question is what's next. investors will be reading the fed statement closely for any signs of the days that easy money is winding down. low rates helped the economy recover but keeping them too low too long could spark inflation. prices at the pump rose again, an average of 4 cents last week to $2.79 a gallon. it's the fourth week in a row they've risen and are up nearly 50% from this time last year. ? even in death michael jackson is still setting records. his estate signed a deal with sony music valued at $250 million. the biggest recording contract ever the deal covers 10 albums over seven years including an album
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of never before released recordings. sony has the right to license his music for video games, movies and plays. continental says it will begin to charge for most meals on domestic flights. it's the last major airline to give away free meals but the carrier says combined cost savings and extra revenue will help and they will make the change this fall. would you be more likely to buy healthier snacks at the movie theater? the head of sony pictures thinks theaters should expand its selection to help fight obesity. a survey found movie goers would be more likely to buy the healthier concessions if they were available. the obama administration unveils its plan to make the internet faster and more affordable but how can you cut your internet costs now? stay tuned to "good morning america" to find out. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vinita nair.
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6:23. we start off cloudy, breezy and cool, but the sun will break out. we'll probably see more sun dominating the sky as the day wears on but we'll average a partly cloudy one with 60 degrees this afternoon. our pick downtown baltimore. because of the cool winds from the north it will be a little cooler on the north side. factor in elevation there as well but turning mostly sunny, westminster to parkton, temperatures ranging in the upper 50s. we'll slide down to howard county where columbia, ellicott city pushed close to 60 and by the water, still a northeast
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hint of the wind flow keeps you about 58 degrees in annapolis. after today we go down to the 30s tonight. tomorrow we are looking for 63 degrees under a mostly sunny sky and overnight lows in the 30s. 67 thursday, friday. and yes, we are pushing it a little bit but typically these warmups end up warmer than expected. that is why we're going 70 and this is the first place you're going to hear this all week long but i think everyone else is going to make catch-up as we aim for 70 and sunshine with spring beginning on saturday. we'll bring in some of the spring showers though and cooler temperatures by sunday. 6:24. let's check the roads with kim. definitely a better start to the day than yesterday. >> absolutely. by leaps and bounds. the dry roads certainly help. we have one accident, that is in carroll county, headed out towards westminster at liberty road in woodbine road. but our major arteries and roads are really incident-free. drive times are up a little bit because people are leaving the door but 95 southbound from the
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beltway to the 895 split, only four minutes. plus 95 southbound from the 895 split to the fort mchenry toll plaza, only seven minutes. on the outer loop from the key bridge approaching i-97, only 10 minutes so far. back to you. talk about stuffing your bra. one woman in eastern washington state managed to hide $26,000 in her bra. she was arrested with two others accused of using fake driver's licenses to get credit cards and then used those cards to get cash advances. well, police found the money in her bra after they took her to jail. the woman was 6 feet tall, 400 pounds so police say it appears there was plenty of room in the bra to hide all that cash. leprechauns are taking over a small town in wisconsin. for one week in march. the city of new london is transformed to an irish pair -- paradise. the irish festival began when leprechauns switched the new london sign to read "new
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dublin." it includes irish caroling, entertainment, traditional food, two bands. new dublin is also the site of wisconsin's largest st. patrick's day parade. for the first time we hear from edwards' mistress. we are also going to see her racy "gq" photo shoot that has a lot of people talking.
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a mother is charged in the death of her 2-month-old baby. how the child's father could be connected in the death. a story that is hard to believe. parents leave their 3-year-old at a tress trawnt and don't -- a restaurant and don't come back, for two days. and former senator john edwards, his mistress says she'll love him until death do us part. the racy gq spread that has a lot of people talking around the water cooler this morning. i'm megan pringle. jamie costello is off today, he'll be back tomorrow. there are bright warmer days coming, right? >> yeah, it's going to look good, feel even better. we just have to get through this morning. read the headline here, the storm departs and the sun will return. in fact, we get that today.


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